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Hors d’oeuvres

Selection of our Chef’s favorite Recipies

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Strawberries with Brie & Prosciutto (serves 10-12) $39
Topped w/crème Fraiche

Mini Cocktail Sandwiches (serves 12-15) $79
• Open faced Salmon w/Borsin & Avocado Aioli
• Balsamic Grilled Chicken w/sundried tomatoes & Goat Cheese
• Prosciutto w/Parmesan & Hot-Peach Aioli
• Caprese Tower w/ Pesto
• Pub Sandwich Bourbon beef Tips Crostini

Flautas (serves 10-12) $39
Stuffed tortilla served w/guacomole & Sourcream
• Chicken Pesto, & Smoked Gouda
• Shrimp, Corn, Broccoli & Muenster
• Sopressata, Q. Fresco, Mascarpone, Tomatillo & Chili Renos
• Portabella, Eggplant, Zucchini, Sundried Tomato, & Feta
• Chorizo, Tomato, Scallion, Cilantro & Cheddar

Pub & Tavern Tray (min 20ppl) $80
• Hand-rolled Mozzarella Sticks
• Panko Chicken Bites
• Domestic Cheeses & Cracker Assort.
• Mac & Cheese Bites
• Dipping Sauces

Gouda, Pancetta & Onion Fondue (serves 10-12) $39
served w/ Rye Bread Points, cornichons & other pickled vegetables

Exotic Fruit & Cheese Platter (serves 10-12) $59
Constantly Changing; Crafted to impress includes:
Handmade Chips such as: Bannana, Pita, Bean
Chef’s Cheeses such as: Asiago, Brie, Herbed Cheese Ball, Smoked Gouda, Thai Cheddar
Exotic fruits such as: Mango, Kiwi, Kumquat, Figs, Dragon Fruit
Home made Jelly and/or Fresh Peanut Butter

Papoutsakia (Eggplant Slippers) serves 10-12 $49
Eggplant Stuffed w. Sautéed ground-beef & Kefalotiri Cheese. Lightly spooned w. béchamel sauce then Roasted in the Oven

Crab & Artichoke Boursin Beignet (serves 10-12) $41
served w/cajun Remoulade

Caramel Apple & Brie Skewers (serves 10-12) $39
Apple & Brie on wooden skewer, drizzled w/ housemade caramel then rolled in macadamia nuts. Served w.cranberry garnish.

Stuffed Deviled Eggs (serves 12-15)
• Crab $24
• Salmon $22
• Shrimp $22
• Ham & Cheddar $19
• Bacon & Fresh Herb $19

Tournedos (serves 10) $59
30z Filet Mignon Medallion wrapped in bacon and garlic butter. Served on an English muffin w. chimichurri Sauce

Finger Shrimp (serves 10-12) $39
Coconut served w/ mango salsa
Bacon served w/peach-BBQ sauce
Panko served w/Blue Cheese Fondue

Milanese Chicken (serves 10-12) $49
Sundried Tomato Relish, Almond Encrusted Breast & Gorgonzola Cream served on Crostini

Pecan Salmon Smoked Cheese Ball (serves 10-12) $39
served w/fancy crackers

Caprese Salad (serves 10-12) $49
Ripe Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Fire Braised Eggplant, Roasted Garlic & Fresh Mozzarella drizzled a Balsamic Reduction.

International Olive Tray (serves 10-12) $29
Broad arrangement of the finest olives. Served w/Mozzarella balls

Greek Tapas (serves 10-12) $49
Kopanisti, Skordalia , Dolmas & Tapenade served w/ pita chips

Canjun Pigs In a Blanket (serves10-12) $34
Pastry puff and Andoulie Sausage. Served w/Raspberry Sauce

Pesto Torte (serves 10-12) $29
Cream cheese Torte layerd w/ Sundried Tomato, Pesto & toasted Pine nuts.Served w/ Crostini

Pinwheels (serves 10-12) $35
Colorful Assortment of Gourmet Wraps for both Meat-Lovers and Vegetarians served in bite-size portions.

Carnitas (serves 12-14) $39
Soft Tacos filled with slow-cooked pork, Southwest Slaw & Cheddar

Ahi Tuna (serves 10-12) $59
Served on Cucumber & Avocado slice
w/a toasted Sesame ginger Tamari Sauce & crispy fried wonton.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps (serves 12-15)
• Italian Sausage & Parmesan Cheese $39
• Spinach and Artichoke $39
• Crabmeat $45

Crab Hussarde serves (12-15) – $59
Crabcake, Proscuito & Sundried Tomato Relish served on English Muffin w. marchard de vin sauce.

Assorted mini Quiche serves (12-15) – $26

Cajun Toast Points serves (12-15) $69
Shrimp & Lump Crab, Sauteed w/scallions & roasted red-peppers
served in Grilled Panini w/cajun cream sauce

Beef Wellington Puff serves (12-15) – $33

Lollipop Lamb Chops serves (12-15) $59
Frenched Lamb Chop roasted in a minted fig glaze

Satay  serves 12-15 
• Shrimp skewers served w/Peanut dipping Sauce $49
• Chicken Pecan skewers w/ Teriyaki dipping Sauce $39
• Bacon wrapped Scallop skewers w/Peach BBQ sauce $49
• Roasted Root Vegetable skewers w/raspberry balsamic reduction $39

Petit Crabcake Platter (100 pcs) $210
Smith Island recipe: housemade crabballs served warm with crackers and
dipping sauces (Cocktail & Tartar)

Meatballs in Sauce (50 pcs)
• Swedish• Italian • Hawaiian • Greek • Sweet & Sour
w/lean ground Beef, Turkey or Chicken $34
w/Ground lamb or Bison $44
w/Ground Venison or Elk $49

Steak Frites (serves 10-12) $49
Grilled tender Hanger Steak w/ Chimichurri & Roasted Fingerlings with truffle mayo.

Roasted Vegetable Salad serves (12-15) $45
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables served over Mesclun Greens w/ warm goat-cheese (or gorgonzola) & Candid Walnuts. served w/ Raspberry or Honey Mustard vinegarette.

Tuscan Anitpasto Board 4.99/pp
Sopressata sliced thin, Smoked Chorizo & Genoa Salami Asiago, Gorgonzola & Parmigiano Reggiano, Roasted Red peppers, Olives,
Roasted Garlic & Artichoke hearts served w/French Bread

Hibachi Beef (serves 12-15) $48
Tender beef wrapped around Roasted Red Pepper, Scallion, & Mozzarella cheese.

Honey drizzled Baked Brie (serves 12-15) $40
Exquisite combination- Brie Cheese round Baked in Pastry Puff, drizzled with honey and Toasted Almonds. Sered w/dried fruit & Yogurt coverd Raisions

Vegetable Spring Rolls (serves 12-15) $44
Crispy Vegetarian Egg Rolls served with Sweet / Sour Dipping Sauce

Crabcake (1 per) 4.29/pp
Cheeseburger (2 per) 3.89/pp
BBq Chicken (2 per) 3.89/pp
Pulled Pork (2 per) 4.99/pp


Grapeleaves & Brie baked in pasty puff
Grapeleaves & Brie baked in pasty puff

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