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Beer Selection

Just Under 100 Different Beers

Updated 03/06/2014

Bottles: 62 | Cans: 5

Name ABV Served In Price
Amstel Light 3.5 12oz. Bottle $3.99
This bier was born in Amsterdam, a city that’s steeped in history, yet prides itself on being progressive. A place where open-mindedness always trumps convention. A city that doesn’t know the meaning of status quo… more
Anchor Steam 4.9 12oz. Bottle $3.99
San Francisco’s famous Anchor Steam has a deep amber color, thick creamy head, and rich flavor.
Blue Moon White 5.4 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Brewed using Valencia orange peel versus the traditional tart Curaçao orange peel, for a subtle sweetness. Then he added oats and wheat to create a smooth, creamy finish that’s inviting to the palate… more
Boulevard Dark Truth Stout 9.7 12oz. Bottle $4.99
Barley, wheat, rye and oats provide the foundation for this big stout. Layers of complex flavors slowly emerge from the glass: espresso, roasted fig, creme brulee…more
Boulevard Tank 7 8.5 12oz. Bottle $4.99
Most breweries have at least one piece of equipment that’s just a bit persnickity. Here at Boulevard we have fermenter number seven, the black sheep of our cellar family…more
Boulevard The Sixth Glass 10.5 12oz. Bottle $5.99
Our quadrupel ale, meant for the mature connoisseur, is a deep and mysterious libation, dark auburn and full-bodied, its sweetness deceptive. As Ole describes the glasses in turn, their contents become more ominous until, in the sixth glass… more
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 2013 10.0 12oz. Bottle $4.99
This is the famous Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, our award-winning rendition of the Imperial Stout style, once made exclusively for Catherine the Great… more
Bud Light Lime-A-Rita 8.0 12oz. Bottle12oz. Bottle $2.99$2.99
Margaritas, the classic summer cocktail, are getting a fresh twist this summer with today’s national launch of Bud Light Lime Lime-a-Rita, the latest addition to the growing Bud Light portfolio… more
Budweiser Light Platinum 6.0 12oz. Bottle $2.99
Budweiser Select 4.3 12oz. Bottle $2.99
American-style lager that is long brewed for a crisp taste that finishes clean. It contains only 99 calories, 3.1 grams of carbohydrates and 4.3 percent alcohol by volume per 12 oz. serving.
Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom 5.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Cream Ale brewed with honey and orange peel, with orange flower extract added.
Caracole Nostradamus 9.5 12oz. Bottle $9.99
A very complex artisanal Wallonian brown ale, rich, warming, little piquant in the mouth with liquorice, mocha flavors, pear and toasted bread background notes, perfect after-dinner drink or night cap.
Coors Light 4.2 12oz. Bottle $2.50
Corona Extra 4.6 12oz. Bottle $2.99
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 9.0 12oz. Bottle $4.99
An imperial IPA best savored from a snifter, 90 Minute has a great malt backbone that stands up to the extreme hopping rate. 90 Minute IPA was the first beer we continuously hopped, allowing for a pungent — but not crushing — hop flavor.
Dogfish Head Burton Baton 2013 10.0 12oz. Bottle $5.99
The elusive brew is made from pilsner malt and amber malt with an original gravity of 26.5?P, yielding an 11% abv. It’s hopped with Warrior and Glacier varieties. Primary fermentation takes place in open vessels using two yeast strains, one American and one English… more
Dogfish Head Midas Touch 9.0 12oz. Bottle $5.99
Midas Touch Golden Elixir is a beverage based on the residue found on the drinking vessels in King Midas’ tomb. Our recipe highlights the known ingredients of barley, white Muscat grapes, honey and saffron… more
Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron 2012 12.0 12oz. Bottle $5.99
Imperial / Double Brown Ale
Evolution Exile ESB 5.8 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Light amber in color, assertively hopped but well balanced. Fruity & aromatic, generously dry hopped with Cascades & East Kent Goldings. 48 IBU’S, 5.8% ABV.
Evolution Lot 3 India Pale Ale 6.8 12oz. Bottle $3.99
This American style IPA is agressively hopped at a rate of over 2lbs. per barrel. Big notes of citrus and pine compliment a reserved but firm malt backbone.
Evolution Lucky 7 Porter 5.8 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Black with garnet highlights, this Porter is rich and full flavored with notes of chocolate, coffee & smoke.
Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout 5.5 12oz. Bottle $5.50
A dry stout brewed with local oysters, Pearl Necklace was the brainchild of Flying Dog, Rappahannock River Oysters, and Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen.
Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA  8.3 12oz. Bottle $2.99
Bitches come in a variety of forms, but there’s never been something as sassy as Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch Belgian IPA. An American IPA augmented with Belgian yeast, our 20th anniversary beer jumps out of the glass and nips at your taste buds with its delicate hop bitterness. At 8… more
Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel 7.3 12oz. Bottle $3.99
This Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors. This classic-style Abbey beer features an immense head with a fruity nose and a generous body. Malty in the middle, the beer features a clean, almondy dry finish and a slight alcohol warmth… more
Fordham Copperhead Ale 5.2 12oz. Bottle $2.99
The name isn’t a coincidence. This Düsseldorf style Altbier blends caramelized malted barley with pronounced hop character to create a subtle copper hue. Copperhead Ale is famous for its signature balanced flavor & impeccable smoothness.
Full Sail Amber Ale 5.5 12oz. Bottle $3.99
The best selling Amber in the Northwest. It’s a great tasting malty sweet beer that has rich amber hue, a full body, and a spicy floral hop finish. This American style amber ale is brewed with: 2-row Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts and is hopped with Mt. Hood and Cascade hops.
Full Tilt Berger Cookie Stout 6.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Full Tilt Brewing’s BERGER COOKIE CHOCOLATE STOUT is brewed with Baltimore’s legendary dessert. This Sweet Stout starts with grist of 2-Row Pale, Crystal 85L, Carapils, Chocolate Malt, and Chocolate Wheat… more
Guinness Kaliber 0.5 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon American Hop3 IPA 7.25 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Style: American IPA Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Palisade, Centennial, Cascade, Citra Malts: 2-Row, Caramalt, Munich Our flagship beer, Loose Cannon wins people over at first smell… more
Heineken 5.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Hoegaarden White 4.9 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Unfiltered Belgian White, flavored with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet & sour taste.
Michelob Ultra Amber 5.0 12oz. Bottle $2.99
Michelob Ultra Amber is an American-style amber lager that boasts a beautifully rich, dark-amber color with a full-bodied, malty taste that also is low in calories and carbohydrates.
Miller Lite 4.2 12oz. Bottle $2.99
Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA on White Oak 9.4 12oz. Bottle $5.99
Imperial / Double IPA
Murphy’s Irish Stout 4.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Pasteurised in cans, bottles and kegs, with nitrogen. 4.3% in bottles. Contract brewed by Interbrew at Magor for Heineken the licence holders until 2008, when production was moved to Heineken’s John Smith’s site in Tadcaster plant… more
Nectar Ales Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale 5.7 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Affiliated with the Nectar Ales experience through shared origins at Humboldt Brewing Company, Hemp Ale is a one-of-a-kind brew that boasts an incredibly rich profile and unique herb-accented flavor that is attributable to the incorporation of hemp seeds into the brewing process… more
New Belgium 1554 Black Lager 5.6 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Born of a flood and centuries-old Belgian text, 1554 Black Lager uses a lager yeast strain and dark chocolaty malts to redefine what dark beer can be. In 1997, a Fort Collins flood destroyed the original recipe our researcher, Phil Benstein, found in the library… more
New Belgium Fat Tire 5.2 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Fat Tire Amber Ale won fans with its sense of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness. Brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Newcastle is the quintessential rich, English brown ale. It is is sweet, malty, somewhat nutty, yet refreshing.
Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale 7.2 12oz. Bottle $4.99
Arrogant Bastard aged with oak chips.
Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout 6.1 12oz. Bottle $3.99
We use smoked and peated malts to create an intricate malt foundation. Our method of dry hopping with vanilla beans and oak chips pushes the depth of this stout’s flavor spectrum even further.
Ommegang Rare Vos 6.5 12oz. Bottle $5.50
Rare Vos is flemmish for “Sly Fox,” and the name of one of Brussels’ great cafes. It has a sweetly fruity malt character and yeasty spiciness. A fine dose of yeast permits the beer to mature and mellow in the bottle.
Ommegang Three Philosophers Quadrupel Ale 9.8 12oz. Bottle $6.50
Three Philosophers is a remarkable limited edition strong ale brewed by Brewery Ommegang in response to a home brewer’s description of his dream beer., the internet’s largest beer website, hosted a contest called “Create a Great Beer.” Brewery Ommegang was chosen by Realbeer… more
Orkney Skull Splitter 8.5 12oz. Bottle $5.99
Skull Splitter is our strongest ale: which is named after Thorfinn Einarsson who was the 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. Sophisticated, satiny smooth with a deceptively light character, it is a tribute to our colourful forbear.
Redd’s Apple Ale 5.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
An apple flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness cues. This gives it a crisp, clean finish and allows the natural apple flavor to come through for a perfectly balanced sweet and refreshing taste.
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat 5.4 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat follows the centuries old American tradition of brewing beer with native ingredients, in this case Michigan cherries as well as a touch of honey… more
Sam Adams Cream Stout 4.9 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Samuel Adams Cream Stout is a true cream stout, balancing body and sweetness with the natural spiciness of grain and hand selected English hops… more
Sam Adams Lager 4.9 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the best example of the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. It is brewed using a decoction mash, a time consuming, traditional four vessel brewing process discarded by many contemporary brewers… more
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen 4.8 12oz. Bottle $3.49
Kellerweis is one of the only American Hefeweizens made using the traditional Bavarian style of open fermentation. This difficult and labor-intensive technique adds uncommon depth and flavor complexity. Our hazy-golden hefeweizen is deeply flavorful, refreshing and perfect for a sunny day… more
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 7.2 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Torpedo is an assertive American IPA deep reddish-gold in color, with a smooth and bready malt presence and over-the-top hop aromas. The beer has a solid bitterness and a massive hop flavor, yet remains easy drinking with a pleasant dry finish.
Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale 4.5 12oz. Bottle $4.49
Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale is a copper ale with a thick, pillowy head. The aroma is sweet with malty caramel notes. It has a very clean taste with great hop flavors.
Southern Tier 2XIPA 8.2 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Not quite an imperial, but certainly not a standard India pale ale. Our double IPA is a hop lovers dream. Citrusy and clean with an incredible finish.
Spoetzl Shiner Bock FM 966 5.7 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Shiner FM 966 Farmhouse Ale. It’s the second brew we’ve developed in our Ale House (following Wild Hare Pale Ale). Shiner FM 966 is the new spring seasonal and is available through March.
Stella Artois 5.0 12oz. Bottle $3.99
Stella Artois is a classic Belgian lager, golden in color with exceptional clarity and a spicy hop character.
Stone Levitation Ale 4.4 12oz. Bottle $3.99
It’s been said that “Gravity Sucks.” Simple enough. Well, we at Stone have identified gravitational forces in the beer world. And we have come to the conclusion that they, well, see above. So we avoid these less-than-desirable gravitational forces… more
Stone Ruination IPA 8.2 12oz. Bottle $4.99
So called because of its truly “ruinous” effect on your palate, this massive hop monster will change forever your preconceptions of what defines good beer. This is Stone IPA’s big brother, and we mean BIG… more
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel 4.9 12oz. Bottle $3.99
This exceptionally smooth dark lager has a deep chestnut brown hue, toasty malt and mocha aromas, with a medium-bodied palate and subtle hop bitterness on the finish.
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot 11.0 12oz. Bottle $4.99
At Weyerbacher, we prefer to brew things true to European style guidelines, so our barley wine is definitely on the malty side, without being overly sweet. Notes of date or perhaps fig on the palate follow a pleasurably malty aroma to your taste buds…more
Weyerbacher Verboten 6.2 12oz. Bottle $3.99
It is a Belgian-style Pale Ale with an American twist. It is brewed with pale, caramel, and wheat malts, and hopped with centennial and Cascade hops to give it a distinctly American character… more
Yuengling Lager 4.4 12oz. Bottle $2.99
An iconic american lager famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor – with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops, this true original delivers a well-balanced taste with very distinct character.
Name ABV Served In Price
Brewer’s Art Ozzy Ale 7.25 12oz. Can $3.99
Both rich and dry, this beer is all too easy to consume in large quantities. Hopped with Styrian Goldings.
Brewer’s Art Resurrection 7.0 12oz. Can $3.99
LOCAL (Baltimore, MD) During the fermentation of the first batch of this Abbey-style ale, the yeast «died» and was «resurrected» by brewer Chris Cashell. Made with five types of barley malt and lots of sugar, this beer is quite flavorful, without being too sweet.
Maui CoCoNuT Porter 5.5 12oz. Can $4.99
Our Coconut Porter is a classic robust porter spiced with all natural toasted coconut. It is black in color and crowned with a creamy, dark tan head. It begins with a malty-toasted-coconut aroma followed by a rich, silky mouthfeel with tastes of dark malt, chocolate, and hints of coffee… more
Maui Mana Pineapple Wheat 5.5 12oz. Can $4.99
An unfiltered, freshly handcrafteed American-style wheat ale infused with Maui Gold Pineapple. Our crisp and refreshing wheat ale is lightly hopped to allow the fruity sweetness of the pineapple to shine. The yeast stays in suspension making the ale traditionally cloudy.
Oskar Blues Old Chub 8.0 12oz. Can $3.99
Old Chub is a Scottish style ale brewed with copious amounts of crystal and chocolate malts, and a dash of beechwood-smoked malts… more
Name ABV Served In Price
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider 5.0 12oz. Bottle $2.99
This crisp and refreshing cider mixes the sweetness of the apples with a subtle dryness for a balanced cider taste.
Magners Irish Cider 4.5 12oz. Bottle $4.49
Commercial cider made with a controlled yeast then pasteurised and artificially carbonated. Sold as Bulmers in Ireland and as Magners in the rest of the world for legal reasons.

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Know Your Beer

Beer Styles: Educate your mind and your palate!

Ale: is a type of beer brewed from malted barley using a warm fermentation with a strain of brewer’s yeast. The Yeast will ferment the beer quickly, giving it a sweet, full bodied and fruity taste. Most ales contain hops, which impart a bitter herbal flavor that helps to balance the sweetness of the malt and preserve the beer. All beer styles made with a top-fermenting yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae are considered ales. Generally ales areearthy, hearty, and fruity.

Lager: is a type of beer that is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast at lower temperatures and for longerdurations rather than those typically used to brew ales. In German, the term “lager” refers to storing a beerat cool temperatures and does not necessarily imply bottom-fermentation. Pilsner, Bock, Dortmunderare all styles of lager. They are generally smooth, elegant, crisp and clean.

Wheat Beer: is a beer that is brewed with a large proportion of wheat. Wheat beers often also contain a significant proportion of malted barley. Wheat beers are usually top-fermented (as required by law in Germany). The flavor of wheat beers varies considerably, depending upon the specific style.

India Pale Ale: abbreviated IPA, is a type of ale that is light amber to copper in color, medium to medium-high alcohol by volume, with hoppy, bitter and sometimes malty flavor. IPA is a style of beer that is usually included in the broader category of pale ale. It was first brewed in England in the 18th century and exported to troops in India. Both alcohol and hops serve as natural preservatives, so the beer was made stronger and with higher amounts of hops to survive a voyage that could take as long as six months.

Bock: is the term for a strong malty lager beer of German origin. Several substyles are based on bock, including maibock or helles bock, a paler, more hopped version generally made for consumption at spring festivals; doppelbock,a stronger and maltier version; and eisbock, a much stronger version made by partially freezing the beer and removing the water ice that forms.

Double Bock: A double bock or doppelbock is a stronger bock beer, though not necessarily double the strength.The original of the style was brewed by the Italian monks of the order of St. Francis of Paula in Bavaria to help them through their Lenten fast. Typically full bodied, rich, and malty.

Eisbock: The strongest of the bock beers. Produced by lagering beer in very cold cellars to the freezing point of water,and then decanting the concentrated beer from the ice thereby increasing the alcoholic strength of the beer.

Pale Lager: is a very pale to golden-colored lager beer with a well attenuated body and a varying degree of noble hop bitterness. The brewing process for this beer developed in the mid 19th century when Gabriel Sedlmayr took pale ale brewing techniques back to the Spaten Brewery in Germany and applied it to existing lagering brewing methods.This approach was picked up by other brewers, most notably Josef Groll who produced Pilsner Urquell. The resulting pale colored, lean and stable beers were very successful and gradually spread around the globe to become the most common form of beer consumed in the world today.

Pilsner: (also pilsener or simply pils) is a pale, golden-hued, highly hopped, bottom-fermented beer. This style is common throughout the world but the original was first brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen in 1842 as one of the first pale beers with clarity. The traditional Czech or German pilsner is highly hopped for a spicy citrus taste and crispness.

Black & Tan: This applies to pre-blended packaged beers, where a brewery will blend a dark ale with a light ale or lager. It’s by no means a traditional style of beer, but rather brewers capitalizing on the concept practiced at bars where the beers are physically layered.

Stout: A very dark, top fermented beer made from pale malt, roasted unmalted barley and, often, caramel malt.Stout was first introduced by Guinness as an extra stout version of their porter. The new stout was darker,hoppier and richer than porter, which it gradually overtook in popularity. A distinction is drawn between sweet stout and dry stout: although both have hop bitterness, sweet stout is less bitter than dry stout. See also: Russian stout, imperial stout, cream stout, sweet stout, and dry stout.

Rye Beer: Beer brewed using rye. The American version uses large amounts of rye grain in the grist creating a spicy and sour taste in the beer. In Europe rye is used in the Finnish beer sahti as well as the German Roggenbier.

Octoberfest: A bottom-fermented Moen style beer, originally brewed for Germany’s Oktoberfest celebration.Copper-colored, malty, and sweet.

Oatmeal Stout: A sweet stout brewed using oats to create a fuller mouth feel and smoothness.

Lambic: A wheat beer originally produced in Brussels. It has a strong acidic character from the spontaneous fermentation of wild yeast and bacteria. Gueuze and Kriek beers are derivatives of the lambic family.

Irish Stout: The Irish version of stout, also known as a dry stout, is slightly more bitter with a lighter body English sweet stout. They are usually served on a nitro system for a creamy head.

Hefeweizen: An unfiltered German style wheat beer.

Ice Beer: A style in which the beer is cooled down before filtration to the point where the water freezes. The ice crystals are then removed, leaving a more concentrated beer.

Cider: A drink made by fermenting apple juice.

Abbey Ale: The term Abbey does not denote a particular style of beer but is often a strong beer brewed traditionally in the Belgian abbey style. The Trappists still have their own breweries and are the only ones who can use that title. Other orders or breweries that create in a similar style use the term abbey instead.

Dortmunder: A gold colored, bottom-fermented beer from Dortmund, Germany’s largest brewing city. Similar in color and dryness to a pilsner, a biscuity malt note and higher strength.

Pale Ale: A top-fermented beer brewed with pale malts, encompasses many versions of this parent style.The terms of Pale ale and a Bitter often overlap but both are known for their pale malts and hop bitterness.The traditional English pale ale uses English hops and malt for a beer that’s earthy, rounded, and hoppy.Other cousins include a strong pale ale, American pale ale, extra special bitter (ESB), India pale ale (IPA),and an Altbier.

Weissbier: In Germany, a generic name for wheat beers. Weiss means white, and such beers are usually very pale and cloudy, with a white foam.

Weizenbock: In Germany, a wheat beer of bock strength.

White Ale: An unfiltered wheat ale often brewed with a generous variety of dried spices. The white designation refers to the color resulting from the cloudiness from yeast suspension.

Winter Ale: A winter seasonal brew, generally dark and spiced.

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