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We have some amazing breakfast bars and a la carte choices that give you the flexibility to combine breakfast and lunch items to create the perfect brunch menu. Our eggs are locally sourced from Andy’s Eggs in Fallston, Maryland.

  • Items marked as Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free (V,Vg,Gf) are available to meet those dietary concerns. Please specify restrictions and number of guests with those requirements and we will prepare those items using the appropriate ingredients.

Breakfast Packages

  • All packages include paper products, regular coffee, and juice assortment (tea or decaf coffee is available upon request)
  • 18 guest minimum
  • Presentation: Boxed or Catered Platter
  • Breakfast Wraps – served with Pico de Gallo and sour cream
          Each wrap starts with  fluffy scrambled eggs and a warm flour tortilla 

    • Southwest – spicy sausage, avocado, black-beans & corn, scallions, tomato & lime juice
    • Asian – maple link sausage, asian slaw & fresh chili pepper
    • Italiancountry ham, sundried tomato, bell-pepper & Asiago
    • Greek feta, roasted red pepper, spinach, and mushroom (v)
    • Carolina – pulled-pork, cheddar and peach-Bbq
    • Veggie – broccoli, portabello, caramelized onion, bell pepper & smoked Gouda (v)
    • Texas steak, caramelized onions and  mozarella
  • Diner-style home fries OR cheesy grits (choose 1)
  • Beverages
  • Egg white omelets available (.69/pp upcharge)
  • Presentation: Boxed or Catered Platter
  • Baked Goods Assortment – bagels, muffins, and danish assortment served with cream cheese, butter & jelly
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait – with strawberries, honey & granola
  • Beverages
  •  fluffy scrambled egg, creamy cheese and choice breakfast meats on assorted breads
  • Choices:
    sausage patty & monterrey  jack on English muffin
    canadian bacon & cheddar on buttermilk biscuit
    apple-wood bacon, american on croissian
    available also:
    turkey sausage,  ham, scrapple & Italian sausage
  • Diner-style home fries 
  • Beverages
  • Frittatas – served with charred tomato salsa
    • spinach, sundried tomato & feta
    • broccoli, caramelized onion & cheddar
    • roasted root veggies & asiago
    • sweet Italian sausage, roasted red pepper & provolone
    • Canadian bacon, wild mushroom, scallions & muenster
    • Black bean, corn, salsa fresca & goat cheese
  • Herbed Potato Pancakes – served with fresh cucumber-garlic yogurt
  • Fruit & Yogurt – Equal portions hand-carved fruit salad and yogurt parfait with blueberry, honey and granola
  • Beverages
  • Fluffy Scrambled Eggs – Plain, cheddar, and vegetable
  • Meat Option – Turkey sausage, maple link sausage, Canadian bacon, scrapple, applewood bacon
  • Fruit & Yogurt – Equal portions hand-carved fruit salad and yogurt parfait with blueberry, honey and granola
  • Diner-style home fries OR cheesy grits (choose 1)
  • Beverages
  • Belgian Waffles OR French toast casserole (choose 1)
    • Fresh Belgian Waffles cooked on location, served with syrup. Waffles require staff to setup and prepare (add $175)
    • French Toast Casserole served with caramel rum sauce (no attendant required).
  • Fluffy Scrambled Eggs – Plain, cheddar, and spinach / tomato / feta
  • Meat Option – Turkey sausage, maple link sausage, Canadian bacon, scrapple, applewood bacon
  • Fruit & Yogurt – Equal portions hand-carved fruit salad and yogurt parfait with blueberry, honey and granola
  • Beverages

Breakfast Stations

Breakfast stations must be purchased as part of a larger menu where the minimum purchase is greater than $220.00.

  • Organic or Greek Yogurt
  • 15 Person Minimum
  • Toppings (choose 4): Fresh banana, chocolate chips, sliced Almonds, granola, honey, fresh strawberries, craisins, cali-raisins, grated coconut, blueberries, dried fruit, brown sugar, sliced almonds
    • Additional .50¢ ea.
  • A nice assortment of seasonal fresh fruit or fruit puree blended with non-fat yogurt, fruit juice, honey, and ice
  • Price includes staff to run the station for a 1 hour event
  • 25 Person Minimum
  • Popular flavors include: blueberry-banana, strawberry-mango, very berry, raspberry-melon
  • Nova Scotia – Smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, capers, and onion
  • Chef’s Charcuterie selections
  • Chef’s Artesian Cheese Selections
  • Baked Goods Assortment – bagels, pita chips, and French bread
  • Spreads – cream cheese, hummus, butter, preserves, peanut-butter

Our Chef comes to your location and prepares omelets-to-order  for your guests

includes setup, cooking & cleanup for up to a 3 hour event

  • 30-50 guests 1 Chef  1 assistant $200
  • 51-85 guests  2 chefs $250
  • 86-100 guests  2 chefs  1 assistant $325

•  Vegetables – tomato, bell pepper, mushroom, caramelized onion, spinach
•  Meats        – ham, italian sausage, shrimp
•  Cheeses   – mozzarella, cheddar & feta

Gourmet Toppings:

•  jalapeno, avocado, chopped apple, bacon
    add $1.99/pp — choose two

•  Asiago, pepper-jack, swiss, ricotta
    add $1.49/pp – choose one
•  Crab, scallop, grilled salmon
     add $2.99/pp – choose two

  • Hot Grits with Toppings – Two kinds of grated cheese, sausage gravy, butter, salt & pepper, and caramelized onions
  • 15 Person Minimum
  • Prepared w/organic 100% milk
  • served w. brown sugar and cinnamon
  • Toppings (choose 4 – additional .50¢):
    Fresh banana, chocolate chips, sliced Almonds, granola, dried fruit
    honey, fresh strawberries, cran-raisins, cali-raisins, grated coconut, blueberries,
  • 15 Person Minimum

Our Chef comes to your location and prepares our Eggs Benedict creations.

  • Classic – Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and hollandaise over an English muffin
  • Skinny – Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and feta over a spinach bed
  • Crabby – Maryland crabcake topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise over a spinach bed
  • Sanfran – Tomato, avocado, bacon, and gorgonzola over English muffin, topped with two poached eggs & hollandaise
  • Staffing ($90) – Chef & assistant will set up, serve for an hour, and break down
  • 30 Person Minimum

A la Carte Breakfast

The egg soufflé is a fluted pastry puff filled with fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, and egg custard made using locally sourced eggs. All this is baked in to a small single serving pie which is part quiche, part breakfast sandwich.

  • Minimum 6 of each flavor:
    • Avocado, roasted red pepper & muenster (v)
    • Roast Turkey, sweet pickle & brie
    • Spinach, cherry tomato and feta (v)
    • Bacon crumbles, pico de gallo, mushrooms and cheddar
    • Chorizo hash, tomato jam & mozzarella
    • Portabello, Canadian bacon and smoked gouda

The cassoulet is an egg custard made using locally sourced eggs, combined with meats, cheeses and vegetables, then baked in a mini pie pan. Very similar to the egg soufflé but without the French pastry pocket.

  • Minimum 6 of each flavor:
    • Artichoke, olive, and gorgonzola
    • Caramelized onions and broccoli
    • Seasonal squash, bell peppers, and provolone
    • Spinach, sundried tomato, and ricotta
    • Italian aausage, roasted red peppers, and asiago
    • Mushroom, bell pepper, scallions, and Canadian bacon
    • Black bean, corn, salsa, and cheddar

20 guest minimum

Served with cream cheese, jelly, and butter.

Served with jelly and butter.

Served with cucumber yogurt.

  • Ham, turkey, Swiss cheese and cranberry mustard sandwiched between two layers of Challah bread soaked in maple egg batter then baked terrine-style. Served with syrup and powdered sugar.
  • Serves 18-20
  • Quinoa with berries and nuts
  • Croissant with peanut butter and strawberry preserves on the side
  • Orange Juice
  • Almond Milk
  • No minimum when ordered as part of a larger menu.


Prices include cups and condiments.

  • Box o’ Joe (10-12 cups), $17.99
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