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Raise Funds for your Organization, Church Group or Athletic Team

Let Sunshine Grille Host an Outdoor Movie Night!


We Give To You

  • The movie license valued at $150
  • A beautiful outdoor venue with a large projector screen for all to enjoy
  • All equipment and manpower needed to set-up and run the event
  • Unlimited fresh-made popcorn to all movie viewers for the first 90 minutes
  • Advertising of your event on our website, printed media, and other sites we are affiliated with

How You Make Money

  • Charge your guests at least $6 admission to the event which includes unlimited popcorn
  • Receive 15% of all the food and drink purchases made on behalf of your group

What You Gotta Do

  • Bring enough people (50 is a good amount) who will spend at least $600 in food and drinks at The Grille. This group may include people who are not watching the movie but came just to have dinner and to support your event.
  • Provide at least one person to direct traffic to the field across the street (all event participants must park across the street).

How Much Will You Make?

  • Bring 50 people to watch the movie and you make $300 instantly. More people equals more money.
  • Purchase $600 in food and beverages at the restaurant and you will make $90. More purchases also equals more money.

What Does It Take?

  • Just come out with your family and friends to have dinner and watch an outdoor movie and at the same time raise money for your favorite charity or organization. It sure beats washing cars all afternoon on a saturday.

Other Options

Want something more engaging and interactive than a movie? How about some catchy tunes and some good laughs? Sunshine Grille will also be happy to host an outdoor concert or comedy night. There is plenty of local talent that will perform for a reasonable fee. Charge your participants a ticket price to cover the cost of the entertainer and make money from food sales.

It’s Fun & it Works

Call Bill at 443 956-9076 to set up a fundraiser for your group today!

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