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Seasonal Lunch Packages

Poultry Mixed Grille (free range chicken breast) 8.99/pp
served w. served with roasted root vegetables (pick 3 flavors)

  • Pomegranate Glazed
  • Cider Bourbon
  • Roasted garlic
  • Orange mustard

Salmon Mixed Grille (wild caught Norwegian salmon) 12.99/pp
served w. served with roasted root vegetables (pick 3 flavors)

  • Maple Dijon
  • Cider Bourbon
  • Sweet & sour
  • Pomegranate Glazed


Seasonal soup & sandwich package 13.99/pp

  • Turkey, jalapeno-cornbread stuffing, Muenster and cranberry-chutney on Brioche
  • Tasso –n- Jam – Tasso ham, red onion jam, cheddar, leaf lettuce & tomato on marble-rye
  • Cider Bourbon Salmon, avocado pesto, mozzarella, leaf lettuce & tomato on Multi-grain
  • French dip served on NY Kaiser w. smoked Gouda dressed w. raw onion, sweet pickle & horseradish aioli

Side item

  • Butternut squash soup served w. parmesan bread-chutes
  • Fall Broccoli salad

Dessert Cinnamon apple bread pudding served w. spiced-rum sauce served warm

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