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Deli-Style Pasta Salad 3.99/pp
tricolor sprial pasta, hard salami, smoked gouda, olives, red onion, zucchini, bell pepper, roasted red pepper

Southwest Chicken & Rice Salad 3.99/pp
Sweet corn, Roasted Breast Meat, sweet red pepper, jalapenos, cilantro & lime

BBq Bean Salad 3.99/pp
Pinto beans, scallion, red and green pepper, corn & housemade BBq

California Pasta Salad 3.99/pp
spaghetti, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, red & green pepper, red onion, olives, Feta & Italian dressing

Chilled Broccoli Salad 2.49/pp
Broccoli Florets, Carrot, Apple, Cran-Raison, Sliced Almonds, Applewood Bacon, Sharp Cheddar & Yogurt

Pesto Tortellini Salad 3.99/pp
Cheese Tortellini, Zucchini, Broccoli, Carrots, Green Olives, Spinach

Tabouli Salad 2.99/pp
w/Cherry Tomato, Raddish, Scallions, Cucumber, Spearmint, Parsley

Potatoes, Rice & Breads

Spanish Rice 1.99 /pp

Guatamalan Rice & Beans 2.49/pp

Wild Mushroom Risotto 2.99/pp

Rosemary & Garlic New Potatoes (oven baked) 1.99/pp

Greek Potato Wedges (oven baked) 1.99/pp

Lyonnaise Potatoes 1.99/pp

Homemade Mashed Potatoes 2.49/pp
w/gravy 2.99/pp (turkey or beef)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Skorliadia) 2.49/pp
served cold or hot w/Evo

Smokey Scalloped Potatoes 3.29/pp
smoked Gouda & smoked Jack

Candied Yams 2.49/pp

Extra Moist Cornbread 2.29/pp

Vegetable Side Dishes

Roasted Vegetable M?lange 2.39/pp

Grilled Zucchini & Squash 2.39/pp

Stewed Greenbeans 2.49/pp

Greenbean Almondine 2.49/pp

Ratatouille 2.49/pp

Ginger Peas and Snow Peas 2.49/pp

• Four cheese 2.49 /pp
• w/beef hot-dogs 2.99 /pp
• w/cheeseburger 3.49/pp
• w/Buffalo Chicken 3.49/pp
• w/sausge & roasted red pepper 3.49/pp
• w/baked apple 3.49/pp
• w/shrimp, banana peppers & scallions 4/pp

Soups, Chili & Gumbo

served with cornbread muffins
Sold by the Gallon

Soup & Gumbo
• Maryland Crab $39
• Chicken Noodle $29
• Lima Bean $32
• Mulligatawny $39
• Roasted Tomato Orzo $29
• French Onion $32
• New England Clam Chowder $39
• Chicken & Corn Chowder $32
• Cream of Crab $39
• Seafood Bisque $44
• Cajun Gumbo $48

Chef’s Chili $49
Cooked in Dutch Oven served w/ Sour Cream & Cheddar Cheese
• Classic Ground beef, Pinto & Kidney beans simmered in zesty marinara
• Turkey Cannellini Beans, Ground-Turkey & Hearty Veggies simmerd in a spicy cream sauce
• Cuban Smoked Chorzo, Black Bean, Sweet Potato & Cran-Raisons simmered in smokey marinara

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